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Radiance Goat Milk Body Lotion

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Body Lotion: This body lotion made of goat milk, organic aloe vera, vitamin E and neem oil will leave your skin supple, bright and hydrated without the greasy feeling.


1. Goat milk lotion is enriched with huge amounts of protein, fat, iron, vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E, copper and selenium. These beneficial nutrients will help replenish and pamper skin gently. The vitamins it contains also means that goat milk has some anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce acne redness. Besides its gentle calming effect, goat milk is also used widely to brighten skin's complexion.

2. Goat milk lotion has a pH level similar to human skin; therefore, goat milk lotion benefits the skin by protecting the skin from daily bacteria and chemical invasions.

3. Goat milk lotion also contains alpha-hydroxy acids for exfoliation.

4. Eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, skin conditions resulting in red, itchy, skin patches, benefit from goat milk soap since the natural nutrients in goat milk moisturize skin and reduce redness, itchiness, and bumps in the skin.

5. Goat milk also contains probiotics, which are living micro-organisms that help protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet light.

INGREDIENTS: Goat Milk, Organic Aloe, Glycerin, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Neem Seed Oil, Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Honey, Organic White Willow Bark Extract, Tetra sodium Glutamate Diacetate



1. Keep away from children ingesting some of my products smell good enough to eat but don't !!
2. These statements should not be construed as medical advice and a care provider should be consulted if you have any questions or concerns about use of these products.
3. Always do a small patch test to insure that the ingredients will not leave any negative reaction on your skin.
4. The products offered on this page are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews

    I like the milk body lotion because it makes my skin very smooth and brightening and the scent of the product stays on my body all day long..

    Julie DelPilar
    Great product

    My coworkers love the smell so much they had me order some for them😍

    Joe Bridges

    This lotion won’t leave ashy for sure. The smell of it, the texture it is just perfect to leave your skin so smooth

    Rahinatou Boukare
    The best body lotion ever

    My skin : bright , shine and flawless
    Buy it !!!!


    Love it🥰