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Free My Pores Face Detoxifying System

The Free My Pores Detox System is set of 5 products for a full routine to target acne. The products of this system are made with ingredients well known for their detoxifying and calming properties to help you control you acne prone skin.

1. Step 1: Cleanser:    Cleans, detoxifies, and removes impurities

2. Step 2: Toner:   Balances PH, calms and smoothes the skin

3. Step 3: Face Moisturizer:  Brings moisture back to the skin and hydrates

4. Step 4: Exfoliating Pumpkin Mask:  Exfoliates and removes dead skins, targets problem areas and helps lighten/brighten these areas.

Step 5: Pore Refining Clay Mask:   refines pores, renews skin


1. Cleanser:  4 oz

2. Toner: 4 oz

3. Moisturizer : 2 oz

4. Pumpkin enzyme Mask: 4 oz

5. Pore Refining Clay Mask: 4 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stéphany TOUKOU

Free My Pores Face Detoxifying System

What a miracle combo

Oh my!!! I never new my face could feel light and fresh. You just need a little bit of soap to clean your face. The cucumber toner is amazing. my favorite is the moisturizer. It is so light and fresh. Money well spent I will say.

Life changing!

For years, I’ve tried all kinds of products to get rid of my facial scars. When Anne Flore approached to try the sample of this line prior to its release, I had very little hopes that it will do much for my skin. But I obliged. And thank God I did. My skin has drastically cleared up over the last 5 months, my confidence has improved as well. Thank you AF!!!

Agnekpeu Liby

I’m absolutely in LOVE, This product was money well spent!!!!!!

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